Car Care Articles

Steps for Protecting Our Littlest Passengers
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Pump Up the...Tire
Tires last longer and reduce fuel consumption when properly inflated. But how... Read More
Wash & Wax Solutions Get Rid of the ol' Two-Step
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Air Truck Provides Life-Saving Support for Firefighters
Anyone who's ever experienced a barbecue flare-up understands how precious breathable... Read More
Get a Handle on Dirty Jobs with Latest Specialty Brushes
Brushes aren't only for teeth, hair and barbecues, they're also great at cleaning... Read More
Multi-Point Inspection
Multipoint inspections are the automotive equivalent of a physical. And just... Read More
Create Your Own Survival Kit Before Leaving Town
No one likes getting stuck in foul weather. But most could use a gentle reminder... Read More
Holiday Brake Inspection Helps Identify Problems
Tight, responsive brakes widen the margin for error, and every millisecond matters... Read More
Keep Your Wheels Shining Brightly In Foul Weather
Those beautiful, expensive wheels face some harsh realities in the next few... Read More
Thrills, Chills and Spins at the Hometown Track
Americans crave competition. And what's more basic than who's the fastest? One... Read More
A Cautionary Tale: Protecting Pets from Heat Stroke
Nitro patrolled the sketchiest parts of a desperate city. The 3-year-old Dutch... Read More
Insights on Ugly Truth About Brake Dust
It doesn’t take much for a beautiful wheel to become a dingy eyesore. The... Read More
Routine Windshield Cleaning Prevents Foggy Build-up
Want a simple way to reduce eye strain, glare from the road and extend the life... Read More
Five ways to prevent battery problems this winter
Most drivers only think about their vehicle's battery when it goes dead. Fortunately,... Read More
Maybe You Need a New Pair of Wiper Blades, Not Glasses
Autumn rains have already arrived throughout North America, including drought-stricken... Read More
Warm Weather Tips To Help Prevent Battery Failure
Summer heat can suck the lifeblood out of your vehicle's battery. How can... Read More
Cactus Highway Blooms with Color this Spring
Rick Bowers is the kind of driver who keeps one eye on the road and one eye... Read More
Foggy Roads: How To Navigate Danger Zones
Scientists know it as a collection of ice crystals or water droplets suspended... Read More
How To: Check Tire Pressure
When you check the air pressure, make sure the tires are cool - meaning they... Read More
Up and away: Colorful balloons in the heavens
Paul Smith dreamed about ballooning since childhood when he first read the Jules... Read More