Car Care Articles

A Few Words of Wisdom for College-bound Drivers
Across the country freshman are pulling out of the driveway, waving goodbye... Read More
CHP Spotlights Motorcycle Safety Month, Rider Training
Spring weather has increased the number of motorcyclists on California's roadways.... Read More
Don't Let Cracked Windshield Turn Into Expensive Repair
You’re driving behind a gravel truck and suddenly hear the startling crack... Read More
Stereo Upgrades Designed for Music Aficionados
Nothing beats a vehicle for the privacy of listening to your favorite music.... Read More
Campers Once Again Join the Season's Timeless Melting Pot
Sure, you can have a summer camping trip without a cast iron skillet, but why?... Read More
Drivers Turn to Dash Cams for Video Evidence During Accidents
Daily drivers continue to learn what police have known for years: Dashboard-mounted... Read More
Focus On Roadside With Latest Lenses
You have to respect a device that has remained largely unchanged over the centuries.... Read More
Impaired Driving Remains Key Concern, Hazard for Motorists
Drunken driving arrests and crashes plummeted in recent years. But that doesn’t... Read More
Paper maps vs. GPS: When to go 'old school'
Remember paper road maps? They always came along for the ride, tucked into... Read More
What's the Best in Wax: Liquid or Paste?
Back in the days when gas station attendants filled our tanks for us, all car... Read More
Twain slept here...and there, too
A casual acquaintance might reasonably ask Cindy Lovell how a Gator-state professor... Read More
Road Preparation for Spring Outings
Julius Caesar was lucky--he only had to worry about ONE day in March. Us drivers... Read More
Winter Slopes Melt into Mountain Biker Paradise
You've put away the winter sports gear, yet you want to enjoy those mountains... Read More
Spring A/C Maintenance Keeps Air Smelling Fresh
You're driving to a special event on the first hot day of spring and switch... Read More
Belts and Hoses: Your Engine's Unsung Heroes
Who ever really thinks about engine belts and hoses when they're driving?Yet,... Read More
Brake Line Inspection Prevents Stopping Problems Down the Road
Stepping on the brake pedal engages a symphony of complex components with the... Read More
It's Not Just You, We Hear It Too
Perhaps you’ve become accustomed to the shudders, squeaks and vibrations inside... Read More
Some Simple Remedies for a Nodding Head, Heavy Eyelids
There are people who would never skydive or whitewater raft because of the inherent... Read More
Organizers Help Box Up that Clutter In Your Car
It gets out of control quickly--the papers, toys, sports gear, pens and personal... Read More
Things to Consider When Your Vehicle Gets Drippy
Nobody likes to see fluid dripping from their vehicle, especially when it forms... Read More