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Officials Stress Flood Safety As Spring Snowmelt Begins
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Presidential Destinations: George Washington's Mount Vernon
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Tips for Choosing the Right Vehicle Battery
Batteries are fickle things. Too much cold, too much heat and they can stop... Read More
EPA Accuses Fiat Chrysler of Doctoring Diesel Emissions Results
More than 100,000 Jeep and Dodge vehicles contain software that falsify emissions... Read More
Using Smartphone After Crash
Some clown hoping to beat a red light just plowed into you. You'd call for help... Read More
New York Lawmakers: Let Police Analyze Cell Phones After Serious Crashes
Think of it as a breathalyzer, but for cell phones. That's how New York legislators... Read More
Squeaky Brakes? Time for an Inspection
Pay heed to that piercing pitch you hear coming from your vehicle’s wheel... Read More
Latest Mapping Apps Feature Celebrity Voices, Safeguards for Distracted Driving
Turn-by-turn navigation products continue to add functionality for everyday... Read More
Unravel the Enigma Behind Dashboard Warning Lights
A yellow or red light in the dashboard is your vehicle’s way of saying, “We... Read More
AAA Foundation: A Poor Night's Sleep Dramtically Increases Crash Risk
Cheating yourself out of sleep dramatically increases the odds of a crash the... Read More
Winter Wonderlands Above National Parks
Holiday light displays aren't always found wrapped around buildings or draped... Read More
Cops and EMTs Ask for Safe Driving this Holiday Season
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Pearl Harbor Commemorates 75th Anniversary
The memory of a surprise attack on a remote US naval base seared its place in... Read More
Forgotten Recipes from Holidays Past
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Fall Car Care That'll Keep You Shining During Winter
Winter takes plenty of cheap shots at your vehicle, but there’s a way to fight... Read More
Auto History: Wipers Invented During New York Snowstorm
Keeping windshields clean only takes a flick of the wrist, thanks to Alabama... Read More
Authorities Gear Up for Safe Holiday Driving
You're not paranoid, police patrols really do intensify this time of year. Authorities... Read More