Car Care Articles

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Auto History: Wipers Invented During New York Snowstorm
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Simple Tips for Gleaming Wheels and Tires
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Autumn Driving, Safety Tips for Your Teen
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Authorities Step Up Patrols Against Drunk Drivers
Drunk driving continues to rank as one of the leading causes of traffic accidents.... Read More
Lightweight Towables Bring Variety to Summer Camping
There's good news this summer for camping fans: you no longer need to have a... Read More
'Turn Around, Don't Drown'
"Turn Around, Don't Drown." Safety advocates lean on a dark--yet helpful--motto... Read More
Squeaks, Squeals May Signal Time for Service
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Must-Have Accessories for when You and Your Pet Hit the Road
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Fire Extinguisher a 'Must Have' for Vehicle Safety
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Worn Brakes Frays Driver Safety
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Heating, Cooling Problems May Signal Aging Thermostat
Heatstroke happens to vehicles, too. A truly panic-inducing moment for drivers... Read More
A Few Words of Wisdom for College-bound Drivers
Across the country freshman are pulling out of the driveway, waving goodbye... Read More
CHP Spotlights Motorcycle Safety Month, Rider Training
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Don't Let Cracked Windshield Turn Into Expensive Repair
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Stereo Upgrades Designed for Music Aficionados
Nothing beats a vehicle for the privacy of listening to your favorite music.... Read More