Car Care Articles

Eight Tips for Wet Weather Car Care
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Ignore Windshield Chips and Cracks at Your Own Peril, Pocketbook
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Your Battery Wants to Tell You Something
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How To Talk With Your Teen About Safe Driving
Wondering what kind of driver your teen will be when you’re not around? Start... Read More
Folsom Opens Second Phase of the Johnny Cash Trail
Taking a weekend drive in Northern California? Consider taking a stop in... Read More
Six Tips to Achieve Proper Vehicle Headlight Maintenance
Night driving with good headlights poses enough challenges. Bulbs that are... Read More
CHP: Grant Will Improve Cyclist, Pedestrian Safety
A recent grant awarded to the California Highway Patrol will improve cyclist... Read More
15 Scariest Driving Destinations
These are the places that try a person’s soul. Across the country there are... Read More
Survey Reveals Ideal Destinations for Autumn Adventures
The Great Smoky Mountains is the best destination for a fall road trip, according... Read More
Lifesaving Tips for Traveling Through School Zones
We're so focused on back-to-school shopping that we can momentarily lapse on... Read More
Seven Accessories for Fall Driving

Fall’s arrival means it won’t be long before you’re driving on wet,... Read More

Safety Advocates: Much Work To Do Ensuring Child Safety in Vehicles
Child passengers face tangible dangers on American roadways, yet nearly every... Read More
U.S. DOT Releases New Automated Driving Systems Guidance
The federal government recently announced new guidance for Automated Driving... Read More
Department of Transportation to Motorists: "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over"
Law enforcement agencies nationwide will be on the lookout for drunken drivers... Read More
Tips for Talking with Your Teen About Distracted Driving
Every driver deals with distractions, and teen drivers are especially vulnerable... Read More
Driving to Fall Harvest Festivals, Craft Shows Near You
Harvest festivals might be the best part of the fall. The Oktoberfests, harvest... Read More
National Safety Council: Fatal Accidents Down From A Year Ago
Vehicle collisions with fatalities are slightly down from a year ago, though... Read More
What Common Fluid Leaks Say About Vehicle Health
Whether it’s green, red, or brown, a fluid leak isn’t something to ignore.... Read More
Tips To Help Keep Teen Insurance Premiums At Reasonable Rate
Besides making sure they’re safe, a parent’s next concern for their teen... Read More