Oil Maintenance

What is motor oil important?

No matter the weather, keeping clean oil coursing through the engine remains a fundamental of vehicle maintenance. Oil is especially crucial in severe weather, as intense heat and brutal cold put tremendous strain on engines.

How much stress do I put on my vehicle?

Surveys show people think their driving habits are normal when they’re actually quite severe. Stop-and-go driving, multiple trips of less than five miles, towing and extreme temperatures severely stress your vehicle. Look at your owner’s manual to determine the “severe maintenance” schedule for your vehicle.

What about the oil filter?

A properly functioning oil filter plays an equally important role in engine health all year long, though it’s particularly vital in cold weather. An oil filter’s primary task is limiting particles and contaminants from reaching the engine. Oil that’s too thick clogs the filter and limits its effectiveness, Belcher said.

Anthony Belcher, Sensible Driver's Service & Parts Reporter, contributed to this writeup.