Car Care Articles

Tips For Handling Those Aggressive Holiday Drivers
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Battery basics: Keep your vehicle's energy flowing
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Redwood Coast Offers a Cool, Secluded Getaway
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The Road Kit Makeover: How to Survive Unforseen Circumstance
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Family hiking: Letting dog be your guide
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Rinseless wash lets you drop the hose, save water
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Chasing waterfalls during peak spring runoff
You just can't stir up controversy among waterfall experts. There's none... Read More
Coastal drives offer whale of an adventure
Swirls of salty spray splash across the deck. Binoculars rise to eyebrows in... Read More
Winter battery tips keep your car moving
A weak battery can leave you out in the cold, literally. Not all batteries require... Read More
Report: 2018 To See Most Pedestrian Fatalities Since 1990
More than 6,200 pedestrians died on American roadways in 2018, the highest number... Read More
Spring Festivals Brighten the Destination
The snow is melting and the flowers are blooming as spring enters full swing.... Read More
Driver Safety Tips For Tornado Season
A tornado is an unstoppable force of nature, and seconds matter when you’re... Read More
Car MD: Toyota Most Reliable, Mazda Most Affordable To Repair
Maintaining a vehicle can be expensive. They're basically computers on wheels... Read More
Stocking Stuffers For All Drivers In Your Life
A last-minute gift doesn’t automatically have to appear thoughtless or desperate.... Read More
Great Escapes: National Treasures Located Within Easy Reach
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When ‘Tommy Boy’ Reminded Us About Brake Safety
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Hitting The Road For Decadent Chocolate
What’s not to like about chocolate? It’s aphrodisiac, a late-night indulgence... Read More
Best National Parks For Winter Adventure
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GM To Discontinue Certain Models, Slash Workforce
In its biggest restructuring since emerging from bankruptcy a decade ago, General... Read More