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Midwest Storms Kill 3, Cause More Than A Billion Dollars In Damage in Nebraska Alone
Three are dead, 200 miles of levees in four states have been compromised and... Read More
'Bomb Cyclone' Causes Evacuation In Iowa As Tornadoes Strike Central, Southern United States
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Cherry blossom festivals unfurl fragrant tidings for spring
International goodwill, the fleeting nature of life and passage of winter –those... Read More
Glacier National Park: More Than A Century Of 'Wow!'
It’s more than a century old and still looking majestic. Glacier National... Read More
National Safety Council: Most Motorists Rubberneck At Emergency Scenes
More than 70 percent of U.S. drivers polled admit to taking pictures or shooting... Read More
Multipoint Inspection: Assessing Winter's Toll On Your Ride
Heavy winter storms have thrown their punches and your vehicle rolled with all... Read More
Give Windows Full Treatment for Best View
You can only ask so much of windshield wipers alone. A few minutes applying... Read More
Brrrr...Frostiest Cities For Drivers Within US
Pity drivers in Minneapolis. They can claim top honors for living in the coldest... Read More
Tips to Keep Carpets Fresh All Winter Long
Most drivers realize road grime and salt can destroy beautiful wheels. Yet,... Read More
Tips For Handling Those Aggressive Holiday Drivers
You may encounter an aggressive driver any day, especially during December holidays.... Read More
Road Salts Pose Major Risks To Wheel Finish
Those snowstorms battering the country means cities and states will be salting... Read More
Battery basics: Keep your vehicle's energy flowing
A weak battery can leave you out in the cold, literally. Not all batteries require... Read More
Redwood Coast Offers a Cool, Secluded Getaway
Few destinations in the world offer visitors the chance to sit seaside for breakfast,... Read More
The Road Kit Makeover: How to Survive Unforseen Circumstance
Midwestern drivers endure harsh winters, so they're acutely aware how preparation... Read More
Family hiking: Letting dog be your guide
One North Carolina native believes she has found a way to unlock the beauty... Read More
Rinseless wash lets you drop the hose, save water
Sometimes using a hose and bucket just doesn't make sense for washing a car.... Read More
Chasing waterfalls during peak spring runoff
You just can't stir up controversy among waterfall experts. There's none... Read More
Coastal drives offer whale of an adventure
Swirls of salty spray splash across the deck. Binoculars rise to eyebrows in... Read More
Winter battery tips keep your car moving
A weak battery can leave you out in the cold, literally. Not all batteries require... Read More
Report: 2018 To See Most Pedestrian Fatalities Since 1990
More than 6,200 pedestrians died on American roadways in 2018, the highest number... Read More