Cooling System Maintenance

What does engine coolant do?

As the name suggests, engine coolant keeps the engine cool during the summer months. Coolant may also prevent the fluid from freezing in severe cold.

When should I replace the coolant in my car?

Most manufacturers recommend replacing the coolant periodically to avoid expensive repairs. Your service adviser can tell you when your car needs new coolant.

Why does it need to be replaced?

The fluid naturally breaks down from constant use and no longer provides the protection you need. Over time, the fluid becomes very corrosive. Left unchanged, it will destroy the components of your cooling system.

What does the coolant replacement service include?

A trained mechanic inspects the system for leaks and damage prior to replacing your fluid. A pressure test of the checks system for leaks and ensures the radiator cap is sealing correctly.

How is the fluid swapped?

A special machine is used to force the old fluid out of the system and replace it with new fluid recommended by the car manufacturer.