Air Conditioner Maintenance

How will I know I need air-conditioning service?

You know you’re overdue for service by the time your air-conditioner is blowing warm, stale air. We recommend checking your air-conditioning system every spring. Check your owner’s manual or ask a trusted service adviser to determine when your car needs a change of fluid.

What does an air-conditioning service include?

A thorough air-conditioning service should also check the drive belt for wear, a visual inspection for any obvious leaks or damage, and testing on the compressor. From there, reliable service advisers can determine if any further repairs are needed.

What's involved with an air-conditioner servicing?

Qualified mechanics will use special equipment to evacuate the old refrigerant, vacuum test the system for leaks and recharge the system using the amount and type of refrigerant specified by the car manufacturer.

Anthony Belcher, Sensible Driver's Service & Parts Reporter, contributed to this writeup.