Why You Should Add A Few Flares To Your Roadside Safety Kit

Published on June 07, 2019 11:30 AM in Safe Driving, Getting There
Why You Should Add A Few Flares To Your Roadside Safety Kit

You find yourself broken down on the side of the road late at night. You’ve turned on your emergency flashers, but that alone might not be enough to alert other drivers that there’s a disabled vehicle ahead.

Flares were specifically designed for times like these. But do you have a set in your emergency kit?

“They’re inexpensive, low-maintenance and relatively easy to find,” said Jim Pianko of Orion Safety Products, a U.S.-based manufacturer of safety accessories. “They’re safe to use, easy to deploy and are fully self-contained, meaning they require no batteries or other power sources to operate.”

Pianko offered the following insights and facts about buying, storing using flares:

  • Flares burn for various amounts of time. Some flares burn for a half-hour, others, 5 minutes. Look at how long the flare will burn when buying.
  • Seal them and store them. Store flares in sealed bags, away from flame and heat. A flare left open to the elements of your trunk will have a diminished performance.
  • Properly stored flares are highly reliable. Flares have no expiration date when properly stored.
  • Handle with care. If the flare must be carried, point the burning end down towards the ground. This prevents the molten residue burning off the flare from harming the user.
  • Place the flare, don’t drop it. Dropping a flare can cause the burning portion of the flare to break off, extinguishing the flame.
  • Be careful where you place it. Place the flare away from spilled fuel or combustible debris.