Wash & Wax Solutions Get Rid of the ol' Two-Step

Published on March 03, 2016 01:44 PM in Car Care
Wash & Wax Solutions Get Rid of the ol' Two-Step

Washing and waxing your car can take an hour and a half to get it right...or it can be much quicker.

All-in-one wash and wax solutions offer the look of a traditional car wash and spruce up the wax coating on a car.

"It's about ease of use," said Rob McCarter, marketing manager for Eagle One, makers of Nanowash and Wax. "You get the benefits of waxing as you wash—that extra layer of UV protection and shine."

"All-in-one products are no substitute for a traditional car wax," McCarter said, " But they prolong the life of the existing wax protection and add shine with no more work than a normal wash."

"Most one-step solutions work like traditional carwash soap, with the wax and soap in the same bottle," McCarter said. Another benefit of all-in-one products is that drivers can use them to add shine to plastic or textured parts that typically collect a white residue with traditional waxes.

"It blends in and fills and doesn't leave that type of residue," McCarter said.

McCarter recommended using a wash-and-wax solution containing natural carnuba wax as opposed to synthetic polymers for better protection.

Another option is a one-step gel solution like Armor-All's Ultra-Shine Wash & Wax.

"The benefits are savings in water and time," said Ashot Serbian, a product developer for Armor-All. "It's great for people who live in apartments or drivers who don't want to spend a couple hours cleaning and waxing their vehicles." "Gel solutions can be applied without water, using only a rag to apply, clean and buff," Serbian said. Using a gel wash-and-wax allows drivers to do most of the job without water, and the gel itself actually removes dirt as it waxes.

"All you need is a terrycloth wash cloth," Serbian said. "The result is similar to a wash with a sponge except you get a wax at the same time."

One-step solutions are not new to the market, but Serbian and McCarter agreed that the technology in the newer products makes them work better than earlier versions.

"Ever-smaller particles of wax allows for a more even and protective finish," McCarter said.

McCarter offered the following advice when using wash-and-wax solutions:

  • Rinse your vehicle thoroughly before cleaning with a wash & wax product.
  • Use a terrycloth, microfiber towel or sponge made specifically for vehicles. This will help prevent scratching.
  • Does water bead up and roll off your vehicle? If it does, then you still have some wax protection. If not, it's time to use some wash & wax solution.
  • Check the label for environmentally safe detergents, especially if you live near water. Chemicals typically used in wash & wax solutions are non-toxic and can be used frequently, once a week or more.
  • Prevent water spots by drying your vehicle with a microfiber towel or chamois.

"Each time you wash, you get the extra wax protection," McCarter said. "It helps with durability and beading and rejuvenates the appearance of the vehicle."