Simple Tips For Clean Upholstery

Published on May 19, 2020 01:43 PM in Car Care
Simple Tips For Clean Upholstery

You swerve to miss a pothole, sloshing your morning coffee on your beautiful interior.


What now?

You could soak it up with napkins from your visit to the coffee shop. That helps with the immediate problem and prevents further spread and seepage.

How do you prevent permanent stains and bacterial growth in the upholstery?

Consider steam cleaning your carpets every six months to kill accumulated bacteria. Routine vacuuming can also help reduce harmful contaminants and allergens in your interior. Car care experts suggest vacuuming your car weekly to keep it looking and feeling fresh.

“Cleaning the car upholstery properly can help an old vehicle look brand new again,” said Matthew Banach, senior director of Marketing for Gold Eagle, a Chicago-based manufacturer of cleaning and detailing products. “Completely cleaning the upholstery with an attention to detail can be relatively easy with the right tools and techniques.”

Upholstery takes many forms these days: cloth, leather, faux leather, vinyl, nylon, carbon fiber weave and more.

When it comes to cleaning the carpeting and cloth upholstery, there’s a few important things to remember. Blotting is a better technique than scrubbing when it comes to removing sticky debris like gum, candy or crayons from carpet.

“Repeatedly blotting the area with a paper towel is much more effective than trying to rub sticky stains off the upholstery,” he said.

Apply foaming interior spray to cloth upholstery, then wipe it down with a wet sponge.

Here are some tips for cloth upholstery care and cleaning techniques, courtesy Gold Eagle:

  • Get prepared. Remove any clutter from the interior and gather any tools and cleaners in one place.  
  • Vacuum. Clear dust, dirt and debris by first vacuuming the interior. 
  • Test cleaning product. Apply the cleaning product to a small, inconspicuous area to see if it discolors or harms the fabric. 
  • Apply foaming interior spray to cloth upholstery, then wipe it down with a wet sponge. Then use a soft, clean and dry rag to wipe away any residue. 
  • Second vacuuming. Vacuum the interior again once the cloth dries out. 
  • Use floor mats to protect the carpet. Floor mats help the carpet from accumulating dirt over time. 
  • Add a protective barrier. After cleaning, apply a product that guards fabric from future stains.