Mattel Marks 50th Anniversary of 'Hot Wheels'

Published on May 21, 2018 01:59 AM in New Products
Mattel Marks 50th Anniversary of 'Hot Wheels'

Those toy cars you had as a child are celebrating their gold anniversary in 2018. 

"Hot Wheels", the world's number-one selling brand of model cars, marks its 50th birthday with a lineup of new products and a series of live events. 

"For 50 years Hot Wheels' intuitive vehicle play-pattern has contributed to its success as the number-one selling toy in the world," said Chris Down, senior vice president and global brand general manager for Hot Wheels.  "Since 1968, the brand has evolved from a simple toy into a true lifestyle brand that champions the challenger spirit through gaming, digital content, partnerships and live experiences spanning multiple generations and ages — this has allowed the brand to remain relevant to kids and adults and see record growth over the past three years." 

The die-cast cars created by toymaker Mattel, dates back to 1968 and sells roughly 500 million units a year, according to company officials.  

One Mattel's most significant promotions pairs with General Motors for the creation of a 50th Anniversary Hot Wheels Camaro. The partnership has historical context, as a custom Camaro was the first release of the Hot Wheels lineup. Chevrolet's 2018 Hot Wheels Camaro features a Crush-Orange paint job, referencing iconic Hot Wheels orange track, unique interior and wheels, and Hot Wheels commemorative badging.

Mattel is also working wtih clothing line Volcom on an exclusive line of boys clothing. Merchandise will be available on Volcom's website and at Nordstrom stores beginning in October.

Those interested in learning about the history of Hot Wheels can pick up Assouline Publishing's "Hot Wheels Book", which chronicles the origins and technical evolution of the toy. The book is set to be released in June. 

More information is available at and by following the #HotWheels50 hashtag on social media. 

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