Make Those Messes Disappear In A Hurry With Wet/Dry Vauum

Published on July 31, 2018 04:16 AM in Car Care, New Products, Maintenance
Make Those Messes Disappear In A Hurry With Wet/Dry Vauum

Spending a few minutes of your Saturday afternoon with a wet/dry vacuum can leave your interior smelling rejuvenated.

Especially when you know how to buy.

“Suction power, accessories, cord length and wet/dry capability are crucial factors to consider when researching what you might buy,” said Dale Belknap, director of sales and marketing for Cleva North America, Inc. The company manufactures products and provides public relations for brands like Armor All, Duravac and Vacmaster.

“It’s also wise to look for something lightweight and portable, and includes a variety of accessories.”

Belknap suggested shoppers consider the following when looking for a wet/dry vacuum:

  • Horsepower alone does not equate to suction capability. Suction capability comes from the motor and airflow design working together.
  • Examine the hoses, do they look durable? Cracking and splitting are common issues with wet/dry vacuums. Rigid hoses are harder to maneuver, flexible hoses are easier to operate. Read product reviews and note what reviewers say about the product’s durability.
  • Look for accessories. Purchasing items separately may end up costing more than pricier models which include accessories. Some packages include specialty accessories like detail brushes for air-conditioning vents and electronics, utility nozzles with a variety of slide-on adapters for different applications and a crevice tool for cleaning between seats.
  • Accessory storage. Look for models with slots and compartments built directly into the vacuum to prevent items from getting lost.
  • Don’t forget cord length. Some brands offer vacuums with cords around 20 feet in length. This is especially helpful for cleaning SUVs and other large vehicles.

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