Escape Tools, An Overlooked Must-Have Safety Accessory

Published on September 02, 2018 05:00 PM in Safe Driving, Driver Tech
Escape Tools, An Overlooked Must-Have Safety Accessory

There are items we buy with hopes we’ll never have to use them. An escape tool, which can cut a seat belt and break a passenger window, certainly falls in that category.

For Jesse Morgan of Florida-based Morgan Manufacturing, inspiration came from a near-death experience. Morgan’s vehicle was rammed by a drunken driver, leaving him trapped and upside down.

“This was a horrible experience, and knowledge of others like it that were not so lucky inspired me,” he said.

Morgan spent countless hours refining the design of his escape tool, known as The Extractor. He wanted something light, easy-to-handle and durable.

Any worthwhile escape tool must be able to cut through a seatbelt and break a window so the user can exit the vehicle, he said.

Morgan offers the following three insights on what makes an effective escape tool:

  • Accessibility. Store the escape tool somewhere that’s within arm’s length. A tool that attaches to the visor is especially handy.
  • Durability. Look for something made with high-quality materials, like a durable resin or tungsten carbide.  
  • Functionality. Look for escape tools with multiple uses (ability to cut seat belt, break window).
  • Safety. Any escape tool with a blade should include protection from that blade.
  • Versatility. Can it be used in non-life threatening situations? Some escape tools have multi hex heads for tightening bolts or an ice scraper for the windshield.

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