Easy Tips Keep Your Ride Looking Sharp All Summer

Published on May 06, 2019 09:00 AM in Car Care
Easy Tips Keep Your Ride Looking Sharp All Summer

Endless errands, road trips and late-night drives past road construction can leave your vehicle looking weathered, inside and out.

Here’s what some experts suggest you do to keep your ride looking fresh all summer long.

  1. Vacuum regularly. “Flat surfaces are hard to come by inside a vehicle,” said Sarah Windham public relations manager at Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. “So look for a vacuum that comes with a combination of brushes, flexible hoses, extensions and pivoting pieces to reach those crevices and irregularly shaped spaces.
  2. Consider using a two-in-one wash-and-wax. “A benefit of all-in-one products is that drivers can use them to add shine to plastic or textured parts that typically collect a white residue with traditional waxes,” said Rob McCarter, brand manager for Eagle One.
  3. Use a deodorizer, then an air freshener. “Fragrances are a temporary fix,” said Larry McIsaac, CEO of Kraco Enterprises, makers of Ozium deodorizer. “They work by putting off a scent that’s so overpowering you can’t help but smell it, or by desensitizing your sense of smell. Deodorizers work on a microbial level by attacking airborne molecules and destroying them.”
  4. Clean wheels one at a time. Never allow the cleaners to dry on the wheel,” said Mark Tucker, brand manager of Black Magic for ITW Global Brands. “Be sure to use wheel-specific cleaners that are specifically designed to remove brake dust and road grime but will not harm the wheels. A wheel cleaner that isn’t pH balanced can cause hazing, pitting, or corrosion, ruining the look of your wheels. Also, use either a wash mitt or a soft brush, never a tool with metal bristles.”
  5. Use a clay bar to remove grit. “Some cleaning waxes add shine but don’t remove contaminants bonded to the car. The surface will still feel rough” said Michael Pennington of Meguiar’s Inc., a manufacturer of car care products. “Claying can remove paint swirls, grit, brake dust and other contaminants and be used on just about any exterior surface--windshield, rims and paint.”