A Little-Known Service That Could Save You A Fortune

Published on September 05, 2018 05:00 PM in Safe Driving, Maintenance
A Little-Known Service That Could Save You A Fortune

There’s a service you might not know about that can keep your vehicle agile and operating smoothly--the transmission fluid exchange.

This easily overlooked maintenance can help extend the life of your vehicle’s transmission.  

“When you have the transmission serviced normally, it replaces only a part of the worn-out fluid. The rest is left in, which can allow the transmission to slip and wear,” said Dennis Madden, CEO of the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association, a California-based trade association that’s been around since 1954.

“A fluid exchange service replaces nearly all of the fluid in the transmission. This reduces heat, and can keep the transmission working for years to come.”

Madden offered the following insights about a transmissions and a transmission fluid exchange service:

  • A finely tuned transmission allows your vehicle to swiftly glide between gears, providing countless hours of carefree driving.
  • Transmission fluid cools the transmission and provides the connection between the engine and the wheels. Healthy fluid can extend the life of the transmission and maintain proper shift characteristics.
  • Traditional transmission service: Technician removes the fluid pan and replaces the transmission filter. Then the technician reinstalls the pan and refills the transmission.
  • Transmission fluid exchange service: Replaces nearly all of the fluid in the transmission, which helps the transmission clutches hold tighter and reduces heat.
  • Ideally, the transmission service includes both the basic filter replacement and a fluid exchange service.
  • Service your transmission every two years according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, or more frequently under heavy-use conditions.

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