Fuel System Maintenance

Why should I have the fuel system cleaned?

For starters, better fuel economy. Injectors, intake valves and cylinder heads get dirty over time. Deposits from fuel combustion keep your engine from running efficiently, resulting in lower miles per gallon.

When should the fuel system in my car be cleaned?

Experts recommend cleaning your fuel system during a tune-up or while installing a new fuel filter.

What does the fuel system cleaning include?

A thorough inspection of the fuel system to look for leaks and damage should take place before cleaning. Should the system simply require a clean-up, a special additives are sent through the fuel system and extracted.

What about the fuel filter?

When your fuel filter gets clogged it affects the ability of the engine to receive the proper amount of gasoline to function. If it is completely clogged the engine will not run at all. Changing the fuel filter is a separate service that may be recommended by our qualified mechanics when it is needed.

Anthony Belcher, Sensible Driver's Service & Parts Reporter, contributed to this writeup.